Stories of Life Interrupted: the Youth Talks About War. Storytelling performance

The idea of this project was born in the Netherlands at Theater Na de Dam in Amsterdam. For many years now, its authors have been meaningfully involving young people in conversations about the commemoration of the Second world and the meaning of the history today. The idea of this project is simple – young people meet with witnesses of the Second World War and listen to their stories. These meetings become an inspiration for the theatre performance that young people make together with a theatre-maker. This is how the performance is born – a performance in public spaces, involving the residents of the city in a meaningful conversation about local history and how this history reflects on today’s life and society. The global pandemic has also affected the festival project – one of its Dutch directors, Jelle Zijlstra, is participating in the project in a virtual way. But the enthusiasm of Kaunas youth inspires. These young people will present a theatrical narrative about the lessons they took from those stories.