There’s Nobody Out There

In the weekend leading up to International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the Dutch theatre initiative Theater Na de Dam presents Theatre of Remembrance. Directors and youngsters from European capitals dive into the history of their own city during the Second World War. Important part of this research into their past are meetings with people who survived the war. These conversations, full of memories and stories, are the basis of performances throughout Europe.

In the time of war our lives are devided by inner and outer frontlines. Who had the possibility to choose freedom? Which are the moments to cross frontlines? Our performance is based on the research of these questions, led together with 18 young people in Budapest.

International Holocaust Remembrance Day takes place every year on the 27th of January. On this day, the day Auschwitz was liberated, we commemorate the tragedy of the Holocaust. However, can we ever be truly free of the Holocaust and its horrific events? In six international projects throughout Europe, youngsters aim to immerse themselves into this question. From Amsterdam to Copenhagen, from Brussels to Prague and from Berlin to Budapest, stories of the past will be shared to enlighten the present.