We Are the Memory

We Are the Memory: Stories of the Witnesses of the Second World War in the Theatrical Animation

A group of children are playing inside of a train station. Suddenly they run to different parts of
the station and form four groups. Each group simultaneously start to talk to random passersby who are not expecting to hear four tragic stories from these playful children…

First story is about eleven-year-old Asaf and seven-year-old Zuzana. Second story is about
thirteen-year-old Marie and sixteen-year-old Rudolf. Third story is about three-year-old Eva.
Fourth is about fifteen-year-old Jiri. All of these children have once travelled by train – some of
them to England, some of them to countries names they even never heard of, some of them to
concentration camps.

After they finish telling the stories, all four group of children get together. They invite the
passers-by to one room inside the station and start to speak about themselves, their own
feelings and about their experience of meeting the real people that they just played: Asaf,
Zuzana, Marie, Rudolf, Eva a Jiri, who were their age when the war started…

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