Hochschul Theater PH Ludwigsburg Auf Lebenswegen


27/01/2021 20:00

Online te volgen

Auf Lebenswegen is a Audiowalk through Ludwigsburg, which will be published on Actionbound. Actionbound is a geocaching app, so this audiowalk will be gps-based.
“Auf Lebenswegen”, which would be in English: “On Lifepaths” will publish on the 27th of January and from this day on it’ll be online probably forever. So if you visit Ludwigsburg, you can do the tour.
Follow them on their linktree page: https://linktr.ee/hochschultheaterphlb
The performance is organised by Raphael Conrad, Jonas Jürgensen, Lukas Bremicker and Gabriel Michailidis. We got help from Jantien Fick. And we’ve got material like books, flyers and brochures from the Stolperstein Initiative Ludwigsburg e.V., the Synagogenplatz e.V., espacially Jochen Faber, the Stadtarchiv Ludwigsburg and professor Prof. Dr. Tobias Arand.
14 students of the University of Education created and worked on the material.:
Cynthia Maria Rusu
Eileen Sander
Ferdinand Söll
Janina Korthals
Julia Wild
Lina Buchloh
Maira Galaz Zahn
Moritz Schadt
Monika Brucker
Sarah Moosmann
Sebastian Schorn
Shauna Buchholz
Theophil Häußler
Viola Raff