Casa di Teatro Ragazzi I giorni del Coprifuoco (The day of the curfew) – a video-podcast


27/01/2021 10:30

Online te volgen

In this podcast, accompanied by images and video’s you will follow three stories that took place during the war in Turin. All of them during the days of curfew. Telling you small parts of their everyday live and with that showing you how the big things during the war had an effect on the small things. What was it like being a teenager in Turin during a time of curfew in the war and how does that compare to the world we live in now.

The stories told by a group of youngsters that researched not only the stories themselves but also all the different sounds that help the story come to live.


Credits cast and crew

Directors: Antonio Bertusi, Thea Dellavalle,
Actors/youngsters Class 3A: Mattia A., Francesca, Ludovico, Ayman, Isabella, Giorgio, Margherita, Federico, Lorenzo, Virginia, Meryem, Denis, Giulia, Vittoria, Imane, Gabriele, Alessandro, Fabrizio, Mattia R., Matilde, Giada, Alessio, Fulvio, Cloè.

Storytellers: Clemente e Catterina Abrate, Vincenzina Falcone, Mario Morello

Special thanks: Debora Milone, Gabriella Galati, Elisabetta Lombardo, Silvia Solia, Claudia e Renato Appiano, Sergio Reyneri, Elenia Lazzaro, Cristina Novarese, Gup Alcaro, I bidelli and Sara Giampaolo

Developed for: Casa del Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani & Theater Na de Dam