Itt és Most Personal Histories


27/01/2021 20:00

Online te volgen

Personal Histories – Behind the scenes.
Interview film online premiere // There is nobody out there. Streaming of the performance
Does it matter to talk about the past? Does it make a difference to talk to each other? In our interview film we gather experiences of three years of research of our program in Budapest.
You can hear the words of the elderly, who shared their stories and saw them interpreted in our theatre pieces. You can also hear voices of the youngsters making these stories their own.
The online premiere is followed by the stream of last years site specific performance on the territory of the former ghetto of Budapest.
Our partner in creating the interview film is Északi Támpont Association
The interview film is supported by Visegrad Fund.

Performers: Bora Reinhardt, Luca Mezei, Kíra Kardos, Nóra Alma Nagy, Gergő Szuszky, Virág Ambrus

Concept: Viola Kallós, Gergő Borbás, Flóra Chilton

Director: Flóra Chilton

Production manager: Tóth Bálint

Production assistant: Eszter Dobos

Crew: Gergő Bernáth, B. Patrik Horváth, Gergő Borbás, Lotti Kővári