Post Bellum, Czech Republic We are the Memory

The National Library of the Czech Republic, Prague

26/01/2020 21:00


In the weekend leading up to International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the Dutch theatre initiative Theater Na de Dam presents Theatre of Remembrance. Directors and youngsters from European capitals dive into the history of their own city during the Second World War. Important part of this research into their past are meetings with people who survived the war.  These conversations, full of memories and stories, are the basis of performances throughout Europe.

The performance We are the Memory will be about stories written but unread, and unwritten but important. About the stories that are forgotten, stories that are told from generation to generation, stories that are captured in books, and gone by the wind…

International Holocaust Remembrance Day takes place every year on the 27th of January. On this day, the day Auschwitz was liberated, we commemorate the tragedy of the Holocaust. However, can we ever be truly free of the Holocaust and its horrific events? In six international projects throughout Europe, youngsters aim to immerse themselves into this question. From Amsterdam to Copenhagen, from Brussels to Prague and from Berlin to Budapest, stories of the past will be shared to enlighten the present.

Youngsters: František Prokop (12y), Matěj Tesař (13), Ruth Blažková (12), Anna Faldusová (20), Veronika Kratochvílová (21), Alžběta Novotná (15), Eva Kovacsová (13), Anna Gurrick (13-14), Veronika Holubová (14), Anna Podaná (14), Josef Švejda (15), Veronika Vaňková (15)

Witnesses: Dora Pešková, (born 1921), Mikuláš Broder (1928), Zdena Freundová (1931), Eduard Marek (1917), Jan Volavka (1934), Alice Grusová (1941).

Director: Tamara Pomoriški

Supervisor: Isa van Dam / Theater Na de Dam

Organization: Zuzana Burdová

Voice lecturer: Ridina Ahmedová

Photographer: Barbora Zentelová

Partners: Dům děti a mládeže hl. M. Prahy, Embassy of the Netherlands in the Czech Republic, The National Library of the Czech Republic, Foundation for Holocaust victims, The Hagibor Social Care facility, Institut plánování a rozvoje hl. m. Prahy

Special thanks to: Mrs. Irena Maňáková, Mrs. Zuzana Petrášková, Mrs. Hana Vondráková, Mrs. Kristýna Kočová, Zuzana Hypšová