Post Bellum #WeRemember


27/01/2021 19:00

Online te volgen

Since September, we have been working as one of the participating countries on the DIVADLO PAMÄTI / Theater of Remembrance project.

We meet with pupils from the Karloveská 61 primary school in Bratislava on a regular weekly basis and together we create our author’s production.

It’s weird because we try online, but it’s great!

The Slovak group of the international project is waiting for the last weeks of preparations for the author’s output of the project. Let’s call it an online performance with dramatic elements. We will have our online premiere symbolically, on January 27, during the International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

See the result with us.

Credits cast and crew

Performers: Bianka Bartúnková, Šimon Bezák, Tereza Hroboňová, Matej Mikuláš, Tomáš Miškerík, Juraj Durec, Lukáš Bohunický

Director, dramaturgy, production: Sandra Polovková, Ivetka Svetlíková

Pedagogical cooperation: Zlatica Šomorjai

We are implementing the project thanks to the support of the International Visegrad Fund.