Petit déjeuner a l’atelier


Genre: Jongerenvoorstelling

Geschikt voor: 10+, 12-18 jaar, Volwassenen

Seven young people gather in studio Marcel Hastir, the place where a boycott on the 20th train convoy was planned during World War II. Accompanied by the jazz of Holocaust survivor Simon Gronowski, the youngsters stage their dreams and nightmares about freedom, imprisonment, not belonging, and portray the story of young Simon, who jumped off the train to Auschwitz and was able to escape imprisonment and death.

Performance and creation: Dune Stecher-Rasmussen, Hanne Janssens, Eline Jonckheer, Carolina Shango Mbelu, Kirsten Louise Haelters, Oskar Wolf De Gruyter
Live music: Simon Gronowski
Concept and direction: Suzanne Versele

A production by TINT, supported by  Theater na de Dam, Stichting Auschwitz en Atelier Marcel Hastir / with many thanks to Simon Gronowski

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Datum Stad Locatie
21 jan. 2024 Brussel Atelier Marcel Hastir
21 jan. 2024 Brussel Atelier Marcel Hastir