Screening Between Mountains and War

A documentary about three Sephardi-Bosnian women. Survivors of two wars, home to one city, Sarajevo.

Humanity in Action Nederland and Qali Nur

Genre: Gesprek, debat, Televisie, film, docu

Duur: 120 minuten

Geschikt voor: Volwassenen

We are screening the documentary Between Mountains and War made by Qali Nur and Natali Khalili Tari. Filmmaker Qali will be present to discuss the documentary. After the screening, we will have a panel discussion with amongst others Lievnath Faber, where we will delve deeper into the topics of the documentary.

In Sarajevo, a city where Sephardic Jews sought refuge over 400 years ago, the Jewish community lives in coexistence alongside their Muslim, Catholic and Orthodox Christian neighbours. Ester Kaveson Debevec, Rifka Albahari Raus & Laura Papo Ostojić, three Sephardi-Bosnian women not only lived through the 90’s war in Bosnia but also survived the Holocaust. At the heart of the film is the women’s focal point of the congregation; the Jewish community centre, situated in the only active synagogue in Bosnia & Herzegovina. Once making up 1/5th of the population in Sarajevo, the community now only exists in its hundreds. Ester, Rifka and Laura’s stories each present hope in times of utter tragedy and horror. Non Jewish neighbours and friends helped them survive the Second World War as children. Almost half a century later, the three women did their utmost to help their fellow Sarajevans survive the siege of their city regardless of one’s ethnicity or faith.

Gemaakt door: Qali Nur en Natali Khalili Tari.

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04 mei 2023 Amsterdam LAB111