Shelters and escapes

Post Bellum SK and theatre Datív

Genre: Jongerenvoorstelling

Geschikt voor: 10+

How we can deal with the history through the 2nd World War? How we can get in touch with stories of our grandparents? Do we know enough about history? In ‘Shelters and escapes’ youngsters from Slovakia tell five stories, chosen from the online archive of Post Bellum. Five stories that are connected with their hometown, Nitra. The protagonists lived here or were hidden here. The performers imagine their lifes and feelings. What did they think when they were the same age as the performing youngsters are now?

Director: Marica Šišková
Dramaturgy: Sandra Polovková
Decor and costumes: Peter Rehák
Actors and authors of text: Viktória Kozlová, Hanka Plšková, Hana Strenková, Nela Laciková, Diana Mozolová, Ester Miriam Filipčíková, Tamara Borecká, Ladislav Bánovský, Sára Némethová, Dorina Varga 

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Datum Stad Locatie
27 jan. 2023 Nitra Theatre Dativ