Tegen het vergeten (Against forgetting)

Genre: Jongerenvoorstelling, Locatietheater

Geschikt voor: 10+, 12-18 jaar, 8+, 9+, Volwassenen

‘Tegen het vergeten’ (Against forgetting) is a theatrical route performed by four youngsters from Amsterdam, leading you along forgotten stories. During a walk of thirty minutes, they will take you from Wertheim Plantsoen to the National Holocaust Name Monument. On the way they will tell the stories behind some names through music. We will observe David Sealtiel painting in his souterrain on Waterlooplein, how the twins Duizend say goodbye to their classmate on the tram, how the girl with the headscarf looks out the window of the train and how Betje holds up in the kitchen of the concentration camp. The scenarios were written by the youngsters, trying to answer the question: why do we keep forgetting?

Concept/Direction:  Femke Heskes

Performance by: Teuntje van Zomeren, Lis Basselier, Titus Theunissen, Olivia Smissaert

Production: Theater Na de Dam, Pleintheater

Special thanks to: Pleintheater

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Datum Stad Locatie
29 jan. 2023 Amsterdam Spiegelmonument
29 jan. 2023 Amsterdam Spiegelmonument

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