We are memory 2024


Memory of Nations Theatre

Genre: Jongerenvoorstelling

Geschikt voor: 10+, 12-18 jaar, Volwassenen

Each edition of ‘We Are Memory’ by Memory of Nations Theatre in Prague showcases diverse art genres, from drama via dance to fine art. This year’s performance is a collaboration with students from Charles University’s Department of Art Education, blending visual installations, video art, acting, and dance.

The venue, Fair Trade Palace (Headquarters National Gallery in Prague), holds poignant historical significance as a Nazi assembly point for victims before deportations to concentration camps. Students encountered powerful stories of individuals whose life experiences offer insights into dark chapters of history. Some of them have integrated visual arts into their professional lives, such as academic painter Helga Hošková-Weissová (1929) and graphic designer Jana Dubová (1926). This duo is complemented by a doctor of natural sciences Michaela Vidláková (1936), Czech historian Toman Brod (1929) and the renowned dance choreographer and former artistic director of legendary Laterna Magika Theatre, Zdeněk Prokeš (1956). When meeting with the students, all of these survivors mentioned how lucky they were to have stayed with their mother, to have found love, to have survived, and this inspired us to name the performance „Luck“, emphasizing that not everyone had it.

The performance is produced with the support of the State Culture Fund of the Czech Republic, the Holocaust Victim Endowment Fund, Prague City Hall, Theater Na de Dam, National Gallery in Prague, Art re Use, Charles University – Department of Art Education. 

Director: Tamara Pomoriški
Stage designer: Jan Pfeiffer
Text: Tamara Pomoriški and team
Actors: Viktória Pejková, Nela Štarková
Artists: Filip Šnajdar, Antonie Brůhová, Adéla Stryzhak, Laura Martina Švecová, Barbora Bubeníková, Kateřina Koudelová, Aneta Kolínková, Klára Adamcová, Anna Gotvaldová, Klára Dunoská, Kami Frommer, Kateřina Ritterová, Ivanka Galambová
Light design: Marek Střížovský
Decorations: Art re use / Art Map
Production: Štěpánka Proučilová

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Datum Stad Locatie
27 jan. 2024 Prague Fair Trade Palace / National Gallery