Past editions of Theatre of Remembrance

The first edition of Theatre of Remembrance took place in 2018. Building on the already successful local youngster projects in the Netherlands, Theater Na de Dam initiated the International youngster projects, in which young people from different European countries create performances for International Holocaust Remembrance Day, based on conversations they had with eye witnesses from World War 2. Since then, Theatre of Remembrance has become a new tradition. In the past six years, youngsters from Berlin, Brussels, Warsaw, Prague, Copenhagen, Kaunas, Turin, Budapest, Lviv, Goleniow, Amsterdam and Bratislava have taken part in this project.

Creating Connection

Each year Theater Na de Dam organizes an online youth day for the participants to meet each other and work together on inspirational assignments. We aspire to create awareness within the youngsters that they are part of a bigger European tradition.

Theatre of Remembrance throughout the years

“The fact that young people throughout Europe are connecting with stories of the Second World War through conversations with eyewitnesses in their own cities and then sharing these stories with their friends, families and communities through theatre gives hope, especially in this climate of populism, polarization and Holocaust denial in Europe.”

Jair Stranders, artistic director Theater na de Dam